We had spent most of the day corresponding with Coeus through Jackson’s phone. We were stalling while we planned. Coeus, as the Titan of Intellect, was very smart and very strong. He started to get impatient and wanted updates on what we were planning. If we stalled much longer, he would get suspicious. The sun was starting to set, and it was about time to set our plan in motion. 

My car was silent as I drove to the abandoned docks for the meeting with Coeus. He thought he was meeting Jackson to receive files on Nike and me. What he didn’t know was that Jackson was being replaced by some seriously pissed off Gods and Goddesses. Sure, one-on-one could prove fatal, especially if we miscalculated or underestimated him. We had a greater chance of winning by working together. Safety in numbers and such. 

Slowly, I pulled my car into the parking lot a couple of blocks from the docks. We were meeting and going on foot to confront him. My headlights danced on the pavement and illuminated my path. Nike, Kratos, Bia, and Zelus were already there. I put my car in park and turned off the ignition. 

“Sorry for the delay, I had to get my ass-kicking pants on,” I said as I exited my car and

shut the door. I did an exaggerated stretch and flexed my muscles, doing my best to

lighten the mood. The truth was, we were all on edge. We are Gods and Goddesses,

but we are not invincible. Shit still hurts. 

Looking at my family, I  wished I could do this all on my own. They wanted blood just as much as I did, but the thought of them getting hurt…that thought threatened to break something deep inside of me. If I could have spared them this, maybe they would be okay. I wished I could have spared all my family all the terrible things that had happened lately. I had always been a protector, and I would gladly have sacrificed myself to keep them safe. The trouble was that they all knew this. They knew it and still refused to let me go through this alone. I knew that there was nothing that I could have said to change their minds. For better or worse, we were in this together. I took a deep breath and walked over to them.

“Well then, let’s do this!” Zelus said. Nike and I laughed at his excitement; we couldn’t help it. 

We all turned towards the docks. We had gone over the plan earlier that day and we were as

ready as we could be. It didn’t take us long to reach the building where Coeus was waiting for Jackson…for us. With a nod, Nike took to the sky, moving swiftly and silently out of sight. Kratos and Zelus got into their positions and waited as well. 

That left Bia and me. I looked at her. “I know you want a piece of the fight too, but we need your eyes and ears. You are our link.” 

She looked at me for a moment and replied telepathically, “I understand. I’ll do my part. Just take care of them.”

“I’ll do my best.” It was the truth. 

She nodded and took her position. We had checked out the area long before setting the trap. Bia would have a perfect view of the fight, and still be able to use her telekinesis while staying out of sight. It was the perfect vantage point.

One last deep breath and I walked around the building. The Titan was there, just as we had planned. He was pacing back and forth and looked pissed to have been kept waiting. “Am I late for our date?” 

He looked up at me. I couldn’t tell if he was surprised or just really angry. “What the fuck are you doing here?” he barked at me.

“Aaaawwww, not happy to see me? You are going to hurt my feelings. Didn’t you miss me? I didn’t miss you.” I pretended to pout, doing my best to enrage him. Our best chance was to get him so angry that he made a mistake. 

“You best get out of here, little girl, before you get yourself killed,” he barked again.

His anger was growing. Good. I tried my best to smile at him. “Oh, but if I left, I would miss out on the party. You are waiting on someone, aren’t you?” I wiggled my finger back and forth. “Tsk, tsk, tsk, you should plan better.” I put my hands up and shrugged. “Oh well, I guess it’s just us. Looks like Jackson has been…detained.” I forced another laugh. “Well, not just us.” I smiled and it was genuine because I knew we had him outmatched. 

Nike swooped down so he could see her. Her beautiful wings shone as she floated in place. It was like watching her tread water in the air. She looked magnificent. Kratos and Zelus came out on either side of him, and Bia emerged from her vantage point as well. 

A look of surprise crossed Coeus’ face at seeing all of us. Even better. Coeus let out a rage-filled scream and rushed me. 

I was ready for it and I dodged the blow, stepping behind him I drew my 50-caliber Desert Eagle revolver and started to unload the rounds into his back. They hit him and he stumbled forward. “I bet that felt great,” I shouted, still trying to bait him. The fear in my stomach let up and I knew we were going to win this fight. I was relieved because, after everything, we needed a win.

I needed time to reload. “Now,” I told Bia and she sent the ok to Nike, who swooped in from the sky. She was a blur of fury and her blades gave me the time I needed to reload. She hit him multiple times, drawing copious amounts of blood. Nike took to the sky again and I unloaded my gun for a second time. Most of the bullets hit him and before he had a chance to recover, Kratos and Zelus jumped on top of him. They unleashed a fury of punches and kick and Coeus fell to the ground with a cry of pain.

Everyone started grabbing limbs and were doing their best to restrain him. I grabbed him from behind as he attempted one last time to stand and overpower us. Bia appeared, levitating the heavy chains behind her.  She bound his arms, while I kept my position on his back, with my arms wrapped around his huge neck. “If you fucking move, I will snap your neck. I don’t give a fuck that they want you alive. Don’t you fucking move.” 

“Athena, we got him, he is wrapped up tight, you can let go.” I didn’t release him as the rage threatened to boil over. “Athena, you are going to kill him if you don’t let go!” Nike yelled at me.

Snapping out of it, I looked at her and nodded, releasing him as I stepped back. Bia must have left us to get the transport van that they had brought. The red rear lights illuminated the dim area as she backed in. After a moment, she jumped out of the van, ran to the back and opened both doors. Bia’s telepathic ability had been invaluable to us during this fight. She kept us linked and in contact with each other. Without her, we would have been going in blind. 

“Athena, I know you have an overwhelming amount of work piling up. We can take him to Uncle Hades from here if you need to get going.” 

Nike was looking at me with great concern. I wiped the sweat from my face and onto my pants. My hands felt sticky. Raising them up to look at them, I could see why Nike was concerned. Truth was, we were all coated in blood. Some of it was ours, but most of it was Coeus’s blood. “It’s okay, Nike, it’s mostly his blood,” I said, walking back over to Coeus. 

“You little fucks will pay for this. I’ll kill you! I’ll k…” 

Kratos shoved a gag in his mouth, cutting him off.  “There, that’s better,” he said as the silence filled in around us. The only sound was Coeus’ labored breathing.

“You guys go ahead. I need to get cleaned up and see other business. You sure you got him

from here?” I asked.

“Yes, we can handle him from here. Do you need a ride back to your car?”

“No, I think I’ll walk. I can manage from here. I’ll call you when I get home.”

I knew they would get Coeus back to where he belonged. He might be more dead than alive when he returned, but that depended on how much more he pissed them off on the ride back. 

I let out a small sigh of relief as I turned to walk back to my car. Soon I’d be home and I could shower all of this off and get some rest. My body would repair itself. It always did.

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