Walking up to my home…well what’s left of my home, I heard the Captain calling me.

“Ma’am…ma’am…um, Athena…please wait a moment.”

The pleas made me stop and wait for him to catch up. I felt the Captain drape something

across my shoulders. Looking down, I could see that it was a shirt. Turning around, I realized that it was the Captain’s shirt. He was standing in his suit pants, tucked-in muscle shirt, and a shoulder rig. His holster fit snug against his rippling muscles and tanned skin. It looked like he was carrying a .45 mm ACP, but I will admit to being distracted by all the delicious man underneath.

He cleared his throat audibly, bringing my attention from his body to his face and I blushed ever so slightly. I must have been ogling him like a lioness ready to pounce on her prey. Why was he knocking me so far off my game? 

“Ma’am?” I gave him a look that said everything about being called ma’am. “Sorry, Athena. We need to wait for the bomb squad to arrive and check out the home before we go in.”

“Oh, I don’t think so. I’m fine to go in. You can wait.” I started to turn back towards the remnants of my home. He placed a hand on my shoulder. Normally, I would have bitten his head off, threatened to remove his hand, or perhaps broken it. Man, I was really off my game. That blast must have scrambled my brains more than I had initially thought. His hand was large, masculine, and warm. I know it’s odd to describe a hand as masculine, but it was. He didn’t have those little dainty, sissy hands that some men had these days. Breathing in, I contemplated my options. 

The air smelled of fire, burnt things, and something else. An earthy sandalwood aroma drifted

in the air. Gods damn, was that the Captain? Surely he could not smell as delicious as he looked. And why in the hell was I reacting this way to him? This sort of thing never happened to me. I’d swear that I was shot by one of Eros’s arrows and was love drunk. If they worked on me. However, I am one of the very few who are immune to his arrows. So, what the hell was happening? 

“Please, ma’am…Athena. I do not doubt your capabilities. I have heard the stories. But if you go in, the Chief will have my ass. ETA puts the bomb squad fifteen minutes out. I would take it as a personal favor if you could indulge me in this.” 

I smiled, I couldn’t help it. I bet ol’ Johnathan had a way with the ladies, with his deep voice and silver-tongue. I was determined to figure out what the hell had happened, but I suppose it could wait a few minutes.

“Fine, I will wait.” I turned around just in time to see him smile. He knew I had let him win. He led the way to his unmarked car, the Captain, me, and his shirt draped over my shoulders like a cape. He turned and glared darkly at the officer standing closest to us. 

“Jefferson, shouldn’t you be securing the scene?” he barked. 

I hadn’t noticed the officer staring at me. I learned a very long time ago how persuasive the flesh of a goddess can be. So much so, that sometimes I forget the effect that my body has on the mortals. My entire torso was exposed. My pants hung low on my hips and my sports bra barely covered my large breasts. I am lean and solid, with just the right mixture of muscles and curves. My hourglass figure was almost naked and seemed to be making it difficult for the officer to function; not enough blood to run both departments. The officer’s face flushed and he quickly looked away. Apparently he hadn’t realized that he was staring, jaw agape, either. Embarrassed, he hurried away. He was careful not to look at me directly again.

“Ma’am…ummm…Athena. Could you please put the shirt on and button it?” The Captain was staring intently at my eyes. Sometimes I forgot how breasts could rattle someone. 

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Trying to protect my modesty Captain? I can save you some time, right now, I don’t have enough shits to give any.”

He gave me a combined look of concern and disapproval. “I am sure it’s the last thing on your mind right now. However, be that as it may, your…lack of modesty is greatly distracting to my officers. I need them securing the scene and looking for evidence, not staring at your…ummm…modesty.”

I let out a full-throated laugh but did as he asked. 

“Thank you.” He let out a small laugh too. We shared a moment of understanding and waited for the bomb squad to arrive.

“Captain, the squad is two miles out. Where would you like them to start?” One of his uniformed officers asked as he approached.

“Have them start in the front and sweep the home. There may be more armed charges and we don’t know if there is a remote detonator. Is the signal jammer up?” 

“Yes, sir, it’s up and operational.”

“Good. Stay ready. We don’t know what we are dealing with.”

“Yes, sir. Would you like me to escort the…um…victim to get a formal statement?” He seemed to choke on the word victim. I suppose he had a difficult time envisioning me as a victim. I shared that sentiment. The officer was staring at me, and not really at my face.

“Officer!” the Captain growled. Apparently, he didn’t like the officer gawking. The uniform

stood straight up and immediately looked away from me and to his superior. 

“Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.” 

“Get back to work,” the Captain barked. He seemed like a hardass, but you could see that he genuinely cared about his people. It made me smile again. Honestly, he reminded me of my Father. Zeus could be a hardass when he needed to be, but he really loved all of us and always tried to keep us in line; no matter how much we resembled headless chickens. I admired the Captain for having those attributes. Not daddy issues, just approval.  

The Captain returned his gaze to me. “I’m sorry, they seem to be taken aback by you. It’s not every day you meet a real goddess. But their behavior should be more professional. I will reprimand them when this is finished.” He had a solemn and honest look on his face. He was telling the truth.

“No really, it’s fine. You get used to it. This is a unique circumstance. No reprimand needed.”

He nodded and I hoped he would do as I asked. The poor uniform couldn’t be much more than twenty-two and still very green. He would learn in time, but this didn’t have to be one of those moments. I smiled and couldn’t help but laugh.

“What’s so funny?” the Captain asked.

“Sometimes, even I am caught off-guard. It just is funny how things happen. Life has a way of keeping shit interesting.” 

It was his turn to laugh. He smiled at me: that real, light up your eyes, fucking dazzling smile that some men have. Gods damn it! He shouldn’t affect me like this. I could see in his eyes that the feeling was mutual. That was reassuring.

The bomb squad arrived, blaring sirens, and in the typical full I hope I don’t blow the fuck up outfits. They swept through my home, thoroughly checking every nook and cranny of the place. They removed several secondary charges from the remaining windows and various other areas. Once they were finished, the officer in charge of the squad came to brief the Captain, who had not left my side. 

“Captain, we are ready for the report.”

“Okay, let’s have it.”

The officer stopped and looked from the Captain to me, and back again. He looked unsettled.

“It’s okay, she is on retainer with the FBI. She is in the loop and not really a civi. Speak freely.”

The officer immediately did as he was told. It seemed, the Captain had a good bit of pull when it came to his subordinates. Without missing a beat, the officer detailed what his squad found. There were C-4 explosives wired to every possible entrance and even under the drawers and cabinets.

“Ma’am, it appears as if someone really wanted you dead. Do you have any idea who would go to such extreme lengths?” The officer was talking to me now. It wasn’t a formal question, he just looked truly bewildered by the number of explosives and the thoroughness that was put into getting rid of me.

“I’m a PI and on retainer with the FBI. I am sure the list is extensive.” I left out the part concerning the Titan’s escape and all the havoc that had been happening to my family lately…need to know, and all. I’ll have to launch my own investigation into who the hell was at my home and tried to blow me into tiny pieces of fried goddess. No doubt they would subpoena my phone records, so I would have to tell them about the call. I knew I had to give a formal statement at the precinct, call my insurance company, hire a contractor to fix my home, and

replace a shit-load of damaged stuff. I’m not sure if I’m more pissed that someone tried to kill me or that they blew up my fucking home. I looked at the Captain again.

“I know I’ll have to come in and make a formal statement. Should we get that done while they finish up here?”

“Did you require anything from your home? I can’t let you in yet, but I can have an officer retrieve items if you wish.” He was trying to be polite. We could see the remains of my bedroom from the blast. We both knew that I didn’t have much left.

“No, I understand, active crime scene. It’s fine, I have a go-bag in my office that has all I need. Thankfully, it wasn’t blown up too.” I tried to make the situation less tense. 

“Okay, do you need a ride to your office? Or do you need us to sweep your vehicle?” 

“No, I’ll meet you at the precinct.” 

He looked like he was going to say something, perhaps ask where the hell my vehicle was, how I got here, blah blah blah. Without giving them any more time for further questions, I teleported to my office in York. No point in going all the way to the GC and back, plus my current state would just cause my family to worry and ask more questions. I just needed to deal with the problem at hand without any other complications. And yes, I didn’t want my family to see me looking like a stammering idiot when I ran into the Captain again. I arrived directly in my office and headed for the door that led into my dressing area and bathroom. I spend a considerable amount of time at the office, so I have lockers with stacks of clean clothes for a broad array of occasions. I even had an evening gown or two, just in case. It also contained a fully-stocked mini kitchen and bathroom, with everything I needed. Grabbing a clean pair of slacks, a white tank, and matching button-up shirt, I headed to the bathroom. 

Unbuttoning the Captain’s shirt, I could still smell him. Just the scent of his masculine, sandalwood, earthy aroma made something deep in me stir. A longing for something more welled up inside of me. I removed the shirt, folded it, and laid it neatly on the sink. Then I removed what was left of my dress pants, sports bra, and panties. The water was hot and stung my skin, certain spots still healing and tender to the touch. I hadn’t realized exactly how injured I was until I was standing completely naked, under the steaming shower. It would take longer than I cared to admit to clean myself and get ready for my formal statement. I was sure that Captain Johnathan Renard would be there. I always tried to look my best but something was different this time. Something made me want to look extra nice for my interview. Had it really been that long? Was it pent up sexual need that had me so rattled?  What the hell’s going on with me today?

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