A few days had passed since I purchased the museum, and things were slowly starting to piece themselves together. I spent a few days cleaning, a whole day painting the ceiling eggwhite, and another day painting the walls cream coloured. 

Today, I spent most of my time moving furniture and artifacts from one room to another, trying to figure out what looked good where. By the end of the day, my muscles were sore and I felt exhausted.

I locked up the building and started to walk towards the OA. After a few minutes, I felt that something was off. I turned around, a shiver running down my spine. It felt like someone was watching me, but nothing appeared to be out of the norm. The street was lit up by street lights, and I watched as a black cat began to slink its way across the street.

I grabbed my keys from my pocket and put them between my fingers. Being immortal, I could sense that something wasn’t right. Not wanting to engage in conflict, I picked up the pace. I heard footsteps coming from behind me, but every time I turned around, I saw nothing there. Running, I passed a few more blocks before finally reaching the OA. Opening the door, I typed in my passcode and swung the door open. I took a few moments to catch my breath and looked outside. Nothing out of the ordinary other than the wind blowing some leaves around. I let out a shaky breath.

Running around for nothing.

I laughed at myself. Ever since I returned to Olympus, I have felt like I’ve been on edge. It was most likely because the whole family was back together, and I was waiting for something dramatic to happen.

I walked over to my mailbox, opened it up and took out what was inside. Tiredness suddenly took over as I dragged my feet to the elevator doors. It felt like forever before the doors opened on my floor. I opened the door to my bedroom and threw the mail and my bag onto my bed. I headed to the bathroom to take my bath. The warm water helped soothe my muscles and I felt a tad bit better. Laying my head back, I thought about the day I first went to the museum and the artifacts that were donated to me. I hadn’t received any other letters from this mysterious L since that day, and I was starting to think that maybe there wouldn’t be any more.

My heart sunk in my chest from disappointment, and I let out a long sigh before getting out of the water. The warm water made me feel even more tired. I somehow managed to brush my teeth and threw my pink llama pajamas on. My bunny slippers dragged along the wooden floor as I made my way back into the room. I plopped myself onto my bed, landing on the mail.

“Oww,” I groaned as I pulled the letters out from under me.

Shuffling through the mail, I saw one from Artemis, another from Calliope, and the last envelope had nothing written on it. I put the other two letters down as I studied the anonymous letter. Walking over to my desk, I grabbed my dagger-shaped letter opener. I slid the tip of the letter opener under the flap and gently ripped the rest open. I took the letter out of the envelope and opened it. Looking at it, I gasped when I saw the familiar handwriting.


I see your museum is coming along well. I cannot wait to see the final project. If you ever need assistance, meet me at the coffee shop just outside your museum at 7 a.m. I will be waiting for you.


I folded the letter in my hands and pressed it down on the table. My mind was spinning with so many questions about this mysterious person. I sat down at my desk, no longer feeling tired. Drumming my fingers on the desk, I thought of what to do next. I felt myself smile. It had been a long time since someone had shown interest in my work.

“I should speak to someone about this,” I mumbled to myself. “I could always talk to Artemis…”

I looked over the letter once more, thinking about my options. A wave of fatigue washed over me, reminding me that I needed to get some rest. I left the letter on my desk and curled up in my bed. Tomorrow, I would message Artemis and request to speak with her about these letters.

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