Duck paces back and forth in the kitchen as I clear the table. Something strange is happening to the Immortals’ memories and I feel like I have to fix it, or at least help them remember. The only trick is, how to do that? Should I make something for them to drink to help with the memory loss? Or do I need to use my powers to help them remember? After 4,000 years, I’ve never had to try restoring someone’s memories, so it is a new concept. I don’t like the idea of erasing someone’s knowledge of their history, although I have the power to do so. The idea reminds me of my mother Mnemosyne, the Titaness goddess of memory. When I was younger, she used to manipulate the memories of others. I didn’t agree with it and she cursed me, although the details of the curse are a blur in my memory. 

Picking up Duck, I place him gently on the table. He tilts his head at me, making a whining noise.

“I know you aren’t going to like this, but don’t worry, it’ll be okay,” I whisper, petting Duck soothingly.

What I am about to do makes me sick to my stomach. I shouldn’t be testing my theories on my little friend, and my heart reaches out to him. I remember a few of my mother’s tricks, which I am able to use with my own abilities. Luckily, my method is simple on the mind, and Duck won’t feel a thing.

I place my hand on Duck’s head and close my eyes to focus. In his mind, I see images of me. From the day we met to today. The little fox loves me so much, I can feel it.

Slowly, I erase our history together from his mind. That way, Duck will be afraid when he sees me, and I will know that I have succeeded.

Once I feel his memories of us drift to me, I lift my hand off his head. Duck slowly opens his eyes and stares at me. It takes a few minutes before Duck realizes what is going on. He panics, jumps off the table, and scurries around the corner. 

Well, at least I know it worked.

I leave the kitchen to search for my little friend.

Now, onto step two: returning those memories.

I turn to the right and make my way into my bedroom. I enter and see that Duck is already hiding. Catching him is going to be tough. He is a smart fox and he knows how to avoid danger. I would just have to be smarter than him. 

Looking under my bed, I see him curled up at the very back. If I stick my hand under there, he will probably bite it. Sitting up, I tap my finger to my cheek. Then an idea hits me. I grab one of my blankets and lay it right beside my bed before climbing to sit on my bed. Now all I have to do is wait for him to come out.

It takes a few hours before Duck is brave enough to venture out. I wait until the fox is on the blanket before making my move. Quickly, I lift the blanket which traps Duck inside. He struggles, making it hard for me to hold on. I sit on my bed and try to get my arm under him to keep him still. Once he is secure, I lift the blanket off his head, placing two fingers between his ears. My brown eyes start to glow as I think about the memories I took from him. I push the memories through my body, to my fingertips, and finally, I feel them leave me and move back into the fox. 

Suddenly, Duck stops wiggling and I feel his body calm in my grip. After a few minutes, I let him go. He doesn’t run, but instead licks my hand. Something wet is dripping from my nose and I wipe at it with the back of my hand, only to find gold blood staining my skin. A headache starts to form. I place my hands on my temple and try to massage the pain away. Using my powers like that took a lot from me, but with practice, this should become easier. Although I can’t push myself too hard or who knows what will happen. I look down at Duck and smile.

“Good job, little guy,” I say, patting his head. 

Knock, Knock, Knock.

I peek my head out of my bedroom and look at the front door. 

Knock, Knock, Knock.

I quickly head to the entrance of my place.

“I wasn’t expecting anyone today. Were you, Duck?” I look down at my fox, who followed me. He looks up at me with confusion in his big brown eyes. “Thought so…”

I turn the door handle, opening the door, but all that greets me is an empty hall. 

Strange, I swore I heard something. 

Turning around, I’m startled to see a woman with black hair and olive skin leaning against one of my relics. Her red lips turn up into a slow, evil grin as her eyes roam over me. Although she is beautiful, her presence scares me. My stomach does a flip.

Something doesn’t feel right.

“Well, aren’t you just the cutest little thing,” she says, pushing off the wall and walking over. Her index finger glides over a nearby table as she stalks towards me 

“Don’t remember me, huh? It’s okay. You’re about to.”

“W-who are you and how did you get in?” I stutter. 

She stops walking, pausing a few inches away from me. Her hands are on her hips as she smiles.

“Why, I am your sister, little Clio, and you’ll learn I can get into a lot of places.”

“I have many sisters, you are going to have to be more clear…” I tell her. 

Duck stands behind me, hissing at the mysterious woman. She looks at him and bites the air. Duck then runs off, leaving me alone with her.

“Let me give you a guess, little dove. I am the goddess of mischief and ruin,” she winks.

I continue to back away from her, stumbling over my own feet. “Wait…Atë?” I say.

“Bingo,” she chuckles. “I’m honestly surprised you remember that, since dear old Dad decided to play hide the daughter.” She stops, her face changing into something more menacing. “Now, you are going to be coming with me. Can’t have you interfering with my plans, now can I?” 

Before I know it, Atë lunges at me. A scream escapes my lips. I struggle in her grasp, but I suddenly start to feel weak, my body slowly giving up. My vision blurs and Atë is standing over me. Her smile is the last thing I see before darkness overcomes me.

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