Aphrodite (B. Forrester)

Staff Writer I’m an Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Indie Author from Western Australia. I’ve been obsessed with Greek Mythology my whole life, I even studied it at Uni, so I was super happy when Aphrodite came to me and asked me to scribe for her. I like writing about witches, angels, demons, and gods. I like HEAs (Happily Ever Afters) and Historical Fiction (as well as UF and PNR of course).

The Swan and the Dove

“A destination wedding?” I took the opportunity to read their love lines. Unlike Claudia and Alan, this relationship seemed solid. Rosy strands of love and purple strands of devotion wrapped around both lovers’ hearts, linking them together. A rush of pleasure ran through me. This was a good match.

Lady Of Love: The Return

The gods would not believe I had changed if I went back to them looking as I always had. What’s the saying? A leopard can’t change its spots? I had changed on the inside, so now I would change on the outside, too. My spots would be gone.

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